Bonnie (Thrift) Carter was born in Hortense, Georgia. Along with her parents, Hattress and Fannie Thrift, Bonnie moved to Fernandina Beach, Florida in 1953 where she lived for over thirty years.

After graduating from high school in 1964, Bonnie went on to Florida Junior College where she earned a degree in Computer Science. She worked for Independent Life and Accident Insurance Company for 29 years. In 1983, Bonnie moved to Waycross.

Bonnie has two sons, Rob (wife, KimHee) and Drew (wife, Tammy) and five grandchildren: Trenton, Corey, Mallory, Monica and Zoey. Bonnie explains, "In the Book of Psalms it says,'it is good to leave an inheritance to your children's children.' That is what we plan to do. The inheritance we leave is God's Word in their lives."

Hobbies include gardening, fishing and traveling. "I am amazed when I plant a seed and from it grows the most beautiful flower. Seed, dirt, air, sunshine and rain all obey God's Word and do what they have been told to do by our Creator. Just look at a giant oak tree. That's what my God did! That same Word in anyone's life will work the same way," said Bonnie.

A primary focus of Bonnie is in the area of Intercessory Prayer where she functions as a warrior, diligently holding the Ministry up before the Lord.

Bonnie works in the Eagle's Flight Ministries office. Here, her purpose is to operate the day-by-day activities concerning the funds that come into the House of the Lord. Working in finances is not new to this woman of God. She has proven before the Lord and His people her willingness to serve, her ability to operate; and unquestionable integrity. We are, indeed, honored to have Bonnie Carter on board in this great ministry God has birthed in these days here in Waycross, Georgia.

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