© 1984 W. C. Highsmith

There is a man - His name is Jesus,
He came to earth from Heav'n above,
to bleed and die upon a cross-tree.
He gave His Life because of Love.

The Son of God could not be captive
of sin or death, nor Satan's pow'r.
Because of Love, the Father raised Him,
and now He reigns this very hour.

For God so loved this wicked world,
He gave His Son His Only Son,
If we believe, we shall not perish,
but live there with the Holy One.

Oh Jesus now I know you love me,
as ev'n the Father loveth you.
Please guide my steps along Life's pathway
and set my course to make it true.


Oh Love Divine and so compelling -
it reaches out to you and me,
and bids us come to His Sweet Calling
to worship Him on bended knee.